As you are all aware, there have been many changes with conferences across our state. These changes include new conferences being formed, sub-divisions within conferences, teams which have switched conferences, and also the number of State divisions (LL,L,M,S) within some of these conferences.

In order to address these changes, and provide equality throughout our state, the Executive Board of the CGSCA has made changes for all-state considerations. These changes address the numbers submitted by conferences for All-State considerations.

The past procedure called for each conference and sub-division within to submit a top 10 list. The number one player of each list being an automatic selection to All-State. The numbers submitted by each conference for All-State consideration have changed which will provide equality to each and every conference throughout our selection process.

The following is a list of conferences along with the number of sheets to be submitted with the maximum number of players for each list submitted for All-State consideration.

The # 1 player on each list will be an automatic selection to All-State.

Berkshire (10 teams) Submit one top ten list
Capital Region Athletic League- (4 teams)- Submit one top 7 list
CTC- (8 teams) Submit one top 10 list
Central Connecticut Conference-(31 Teams) Three conferences and 2 sub-divisions in each. Submit the following; one top 10 list for LL, one top 10 list for L, and one top ten list for M,S. Total is 3 for conference
Eastern Connecticut Conference- 19 teams 3 divisions. Submit one-top 7 list for LL-L, one top 7 list for M, and one Top 7 for S.
FCIAC- 17 Teams 2 Divisions. Submit one top ten list for each division. Total is two.
NCCC- 15 teams – Submit one top 7 for LL, L & M, and one top 10 for S
NVL -12 teams – Submit one top 12 list.
SCC- 19 Teams 4-Divisions. – Submit 1 Top Ten list for Hammonasset and Oronoque combined, and 1-Top Ten list for Housatonic and Quinnipiac combined.
Shoreline-12 Teams – Submit one Top 7 list for M, and one Top 7 list for S.
SWC- 14 Teams- two Divisions, Submit 1 top ten list for each division. Total 2.


Goalkeeper Nominations and procedures. Each conference is to submit one separate list of top keepers from each conference. Each list shall contain no more than 5 names and should be ranked 1-5. Stat sheets must accompany any player being nominated